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A kitchen or bathroom sink is a practical addition to your home remodel that is both functional and decorative. The sink, though generally not as aesthetically impressive as elements like the countertops and cabinets, is a crucial part of any kitchen. You want to make sure you choose a sink that fits with your kitchen, lifestyle, needs, and design taste. Fortunately, you have many different options! The sheer number of choices—mount type, material, configuration, etc.—can be overwhelming, which is why we’re here at APEX Kitchen Bath and Flooring to help you make those tough decisions.


There are many varieties of kitchen faucets and our APEX Kitchen Bath and Flooring design team will assist you in your search for just the right product. We offer a variety of product lines for kitchen and bath faucets. Your faucet should be a higher quality fixture that can withstand years of water erosion.

Doorknobs & Pulls

The simple doorknob is used on practically every kind of door imaginable, from interior and exterior doors to furniture and cabinetry, and is available in a vast array of styles and finishes. Although round doorknobs are the most common type found in homes, other shapes such as square and octagonal doorknobs are quite popular as well. As the name implies, pull handles are primarily used for doors that pull open, such as bi-fold doors, accordion doors and cabinet door fronts. Pull handles also come in a wide variety of styles to fit all kinds of different visual themes.