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Bath Doctor is a licensed contractor for Medicare and Medicaid and is approved to manage your Medicare and Medicaid declares for bathroom and kitchen adjustments as recommended by your physician. While Medicare and Medicaid are various, there are lots of house modifications that can be completed that might be covered by them. The working parts of Medicare parts B and C cover different devices so depending upon which prepare you to come from there may be some constraints.


What is covered by which plan?
Medicare Part B covers a wide range of what’s called “durable medical equipment” for use in a client’s house. Some devices must be rented, some acquired, and sometimes the client has a choice. Equipment should be clinically essential and recommended by a doctor. Covered devices can include special commodes, showers, bathtub devices, and safety bars. Medicare Part B pays 80 percent of the Medicare-approved quantity for the rental or purchase of covered equipment.

If you have the part C Medicare Advantage strategy, then your strategy should cover whatever that’s consisted of in original Medicare Part B protection, consisting of resilient medical equipment, it can sometimes cover more, with lower co-payments for medical equipment.

Not always, however in general, if you’re registered in your state’s Medicaid program, it will cover the very same types of durable medical devices covered by Medicare Part B. If you have Medicaid however not Medicare, you’ll be charged a small co-payment for use of the devices. If you have both Medicaid and Medicare, Medicaid will pay all of the 20 percent that Medicare doesn’t pay, except for a little co-payment.

What type of adjustments can I have done?
There are many home modifications, particularly in the bathroom that can make it more efficient for those with medical and mobility concerns. Not all are covered by insurance coverage however a few of the major typical adjustments include:

special commodes
lower toilets and dispensers
Low barrier showers
Barrier-Free showers
Walk-in Tubs
handicap available vanities
Wheelchair gain access to wall installed sinks
get bars
shower seats, curbless showers
adjustable shower heads

Will you handle the insurance coverage for me?
We comprehend how hard it can be to understand and manage any insurance, but especially Medicare and Medicaid. That is why we strive with the insurer so that you do not have to. We will also be in advance about what your expenses are and what is covered, that way you are comfortable with the job and knowledgeable about your costs. If you have needs that are not covered by insurance coverage or desire upgrades that are higher-end than your insurance will cover, we enjoy to accommodate special requests and have access to lots of quality specialized products to customize and upgrade your bathroom for comfort and movement. Contact us today and we’ll help you understand your options with insurance protection.