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Hardwood Flooring

See our wide range of flooring products,
from laminate to natural hardwood

Kitchen Remodeling

Let us design and deliver your new kitchen. Visit our showroom for ideas and to speak to our experienced team.

Bathroom Remodeling

Want a quote on your bathroom remodel, let us visit and perform an evaluation to provide you with design ideas.


A family-based business located in the heart of Lake Forest we specialize in every aspect of kitchen and bathroom remodeling as well as all types of flooring installation services.  With extensive experience in this field and a team of seasoned designers and contractors, we thrive to meet our customers’ every need and provide the best in class customer satisfaction.


Kitchen Remodeling

Your APEX kitchen can be so much more than just a room that you prepare food. With a custom kitchen, our kitchen designers transform the space into a focal point that facilitates technology and aesthetic and will transform the space into a social sphere you’ll love in your home.

Flooring Services

With APEX, you will have a professional flooring specialist right in your own home to help you choose the best floor to reflect on your individual style and budget. Of course, you can also visit our extensive showroom in Lake Forest, where we have a large selection of name brand products

Bathroom Remodeling

Our experts have years of bathroom design and remodel knowledge under their belts for many areas and beyond. From maximizing the available space to helping you choose the right style and feel; our bathroom designers can show you what it takes to make your dream bathroom a reality

Kitchen Countertops

Are you looking for stunning kitchen countertops in Orange County? If so, APEX is your one-stop-shop offering hundreds of countertops to select from. We have skilled and experienced kitchen remodeling specialists and installers to help you find the perfect countertop for your kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is important for you and your family; this is why kitchens are considered the heart of the home. Your home deserves a beautifully designed kitchen. Let Apex FKB transform the heart of your home into a beautiful and praiseworthy space! Apex will help you choose the right kitchen cabinet door for your home.

In house Consultation

At Apex we understand that maintaining a clear channel of communication is the stepping stone to delivering the quality service that is expected from each and every customer. We can proudly say that we pride ourselves on our industry-leading customer service, turn-around times, and excellent responsiveness. If you are looking for a one-stop service provider offering quality material and exceptional services Apex KBF is what you need.